Why book a Baby Bump Session?  
Calgary Newborn Baby Photographer Studio Located in SW Calgary, Alberta​​​​​​​
Pregnancy is pure magic! 
Growing a tiny human inside of you is one of the most incredible experiences in life. It takes NINE long months {which can feel like a lifetime}. Your glowing head to toe one day, the next your feet are so swollen you can't fit into any of your shoes, or slippers. 

Maternity and motherhood are two of the most beautiful experiences we are fortunate enough to have in our life. Mamma's often schedule in their Baby Bump session within their third trimester ..... but are Baby Bump sessions even worth it? 

why do you need a bump session? 
​​​​​​​Let's walk through the why these photos are priceless together.  

Celebrate you!   You are working hard at growing a new life!  

Create lasting memories  A friend once told me she thought she was adopted because she never once saw a photo of her mama pregnant with her. Could you imagine? There was a point in history where it was commonplace for women to hide their bumps and many women still do today because they feel uncomfortable with weight gain or how they look in their clothes. Now here this—you are gorgeous, and these are memories you’ll want to share with our babies one day. ​​​​
Newborn sessions take place in my studio located in SW community of Evergreen in Calgary, Alberta. 

Professional touch makes a difference  My goal is to make things as seamless as possible for you. The days following a birth can be a whirlwind of activity and emotions - so think of your newborn sessions as a time to slow down and savor some quiet moments with your new little one. 

I take on the task of preparing your session workflow. The studio is stocked with plenty of high quality props, blankets, wraps, outfits, hats, tie-backs, floordrops and accessories. I am always on the look out to add more to my collection. I co-ordinate each session with your color preferences to compliment your home. 
"You have memories worth documenting ..... I can help!"
AWARDS  Each session teaches me what I need to adjust for the next to reach my goals. Without you these milestones I have achieved would not be able to happen ... Thank You! 
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